Psychiatric Nursing

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Specialized in psychiatric nursing, I graduated from Jiwaji University Gwalior in 1998. In 2010, I completed my masters from RGUHS Bangalore. I am registered under PNRC, RGUHS, and Mahakoushal Nursing Counsil, Bhopal. Furthermore, I act as an examiner for graduate and undergraduate students, and conduct inspections at various colleges on behalf of university PNRC Chandigarh.


I have over 14 years of experience, consisting of clinical teaching and administrative responsibilities. Clinically, I have worked in oncology where I assisted in chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments. I also handled pre and post-operative patients. During my posting, I attended various emergency cases. Working in a hospital as made me well versed with various nursing procedures.


In September of 2012, I joined the Royal Institute of Nursing (RIN) and since then I have been handling teaching and administrative responsibilities. As a result of my specialization in psychiatric nursing, I am also acting as the Head of the Psychiatric Department. As the head, I coordinate various study related activities. My other responsibilities include: organizing service education programmes, conducting seminars, organizing events for national and international holidays, and coordinating workshops, rallies, and camps.


Some of my responsibilities in the area of academics are preparing timetables, arranging clinical duties of students, and setting up guidelines for evaluating staff and students. In addition, I also plan for extracurricular activities such as sports-meets and educational trips and tours.


RIN provides an encouraging atmosphere for professional development and has been extremely supportive in my growth as a person and as an academic in the field of nursing. Furthermore, everyone at RIN is provided an opportunity to maximize his or her potential with constant support and a positive environment. I am proud to be a member of the Royal Institute of Nursing.



Mrs. Rintu Chaturvedi

M.Sc. (N) Psychiatric Nursing

HOD Psychiatric Department

Royal Institute of Nursing, Jaito Sarja