Medical Surgical Nursing

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RIN 015

I am a registered nurse and I have completed my Post Graduate in Medical Surgical Nursing. Further, I have worked in one of the most prestigious hospitals of India for nine years. My clinical experience is in the recovery ward of post-operative neuro and ortho patients.

All my strength and dedication has been geared towards nursing, whether in my studies or my work. This has given me the knowledge and expertise to be a valued Instructor at Royal Institute of Nursing. My short-term goal is to continue enhancing my skills and knowledge, while my long-term goal is to be a prominent part in the growth of Royal Institute of Nursing. I take great pride in teaching at the Institute, and in handling various projects, including our international student-teacher exchange program.

Mrs. Ramanjit Kaur Sohal

M.Sc. Nursing Medical Surgical Nursing

Royal Institute of Nursing, Jaito Sarja