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Ms. Raman


“Where Caring Becomes the Way of Life”


Nursing is a truly skilled, dedicated, honorable, and compassionate profession. In 2003, I became a member of this profession after completing my B.Sc. (N) from Mahatma Has Raj DAV Institute of Nursing, Jalandhar. Subsequently, I received a master’s in Community Health Nursing at Khalsa College of Nursing, Amritsar, in 2010. After spending three years at the Royal Institute of Nursing (RIN) as a nursing tutor, I joined as a lecturer in 2012. Currently, I serve as the Head of the Community Department.


As the Head of the Community Department, my main goal at RIN is to increase the value of nursing and self-nursing in surrounding communities by growing the knowledgebase of residents. Furthermore, we want to develop competent students that are highly adept to face constant challenges in the nursing system. I am very pleased in the fact that our students and faculty are serving in various urban and rural communities by delivering excellent healthcare to individuals through health camps and rallies.


As a dedicated professional in healthcare at the Royal Institute of Nursing, I wish each and every student success in their professional and personal lives. I hope our students receive all the gratitude and joy in the nursing profession that I have received.


Mrs. Ramandeep Kaur Aulakh

M.Sc. (N) Community Health Nursing 

HOD Community Health Nursing Department

Royal Institute of Nursing