15th November ,5th Day Of sports Meet

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IMG-20131113-WA0000 IMG_20131115_110838 IMG_20131115_110621 IMG_20131115_111019 IMG_20131115_111141 IMG_20131115_111221 IMG_20131115_113601 IMG_20131115_121044 IMG_20131115_123404 IMG_20131115_123422 IMG_20131115_123524 IMG_20131115_123607 IMG_20131115_123638 IMG_20131115_134444 IMG_20131115_134441 IMG_20131115_123743 IMG_20131115_123719 IMG_20131115_123716IMG_20131115_123719 IMG_20131115_134745 IMG_20131115_134909Today 15th November was the fifth day of sports day in our college .Today all yhe final events took place in the jaito sarja ground and today following games took place: football match for 1st and 2nd position , final cricket match at balpuria ground , short put of girls and boys , disc throw, and javelin throw for girls and boys .Every match was very interesting today. First of all the short puts took place , disc throw , and javelin throw of girls and boys. After that Our director sir S.Sukhjinder singh Randhawa sir came to the jaito sarja ground and he was welcomed .After that the final relay race of girls took place ,100metres final race of girls and boys ,200metres race of girls .At last football match for first and second position took place. Today was the last day of sports and the sports incharge Ms.Ramandeep kaur annouced that tommorow will be the results day and distribution of medals and trophy . So now everybody is eagerly waiting for tomorrows results and lets wait and watch.