ISPN – Conference, 2013 (In service Education Programme)

Indian society of psychiatric nurses has organized 3 days annual national conference at west fort college of nursing, Trissur on 25/03/2013 to 27/03/2013 with theme on “ Somatoform disorders: A mental health nursing perspective”.
Nursing professionals from all over the country has participated in this conference. This conference has provided a professional platform for intellectual exchange of views, ideas, and experiences by the experts in the field of psychiatry and psychiatric nursing.
The conference was inaugurated by Sri. T Dileep Kumar (President Indian Nursing Council) along with ISPN President Dr. K. Reddemma, Vice- president Dr. Rama Chandra, Secretary Dr. Nagarajaiah on 25/03/2013. Eminent speakers from the field of psychiatry and psychiatric nursing were participated in the conference by enlighting their knowledge on the theme of the conference scientific paper presentations &poster presentations were enrolled during the conference. Vice-Principal of RIN Mrs. Rintu Chaturvedi flourished her knowledge in words on topic “A study to access the level of depression in elderly residing at selected old age homes of rural Banglore Karnataka” through participating in scientific paper presentation in the conference & Data sheet for depremive geriatric population were also delivered to the group. It was the best example setted her by delivering the data from her own research project validatory session was hold at the end of the conference.
Concluding report was presented by Dr. K. Reddemma whole of the conference was closed with successful episode by enriching knowledge to all the participants.
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