"I am not telling you it is going to be easy, i'm telling you its going to be worth it."

Royal Institute of Nursing is an extremely versatile Nursing College with a myriad of course options and modern educational styles.

Welcome to Royal Institute of Nursing

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Royal Institute of Nursing.

Nursing is a science wrapped in the art of caring. Caring is an attitude, a way of being with a patient and a set of skills that can be learned and developed. To create an atmosphere conducive to learning, we are working with an international institution. Royal Institute of Nursing is a very special place.

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Our goal is to provide the best nursing training in the country. Nurses play a key role in the health care system today and are in high demand worldwide.  As health care consumers are better informed, and health care and health technology are advancing at a previously unseen rate, nurses today must be educated in a manner that supports them in becoming life-long learners, able to keep pace with the changing face of health care today. Our school of nursing is a very special place. Our goal is to provide the best nursing training in the country.

We are also well poised to move nursing forward in these new educational offerings, an impressive research vase and superb clinical facilities and resources.

We are also very fortunate to have partnership with university of British Columbia’s School of Nursing OKANOGAN Canada. The Royal Institute of Nursing is a very vibrant and exciting place to learn, to teach, to discover and to practice. It is also a place in which caring, social responsibility and leadership serve as the foundation for all we do.

We are pleased to introduce you to our school and invite you to get to know us better. We welcome your questions, comments, ideas and feedback. Let us know what you are thinking!

Partnership with University of Columbia

PARTNERSHIP: Royal Institute of Nursing works in consultation with an international institution to provide teaching and learning excellence. It has partnership with the School Of Nursing, UNIVERSITY Of BRITSH COLUMBIA [OKNOGAN], CANADA for the purposes of faculty development, student and faculty exchanges, curriculum and program development.

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Mrs. Sukhdev Gerewal, our Canadian advisor, visited India in 2007 to initiate the partnership. Mrs. Joan Botorff, Dean& Mrs. Joan Bassett-Smith, Director of School of Nursing UBC(O) visited RIN in March 2008 to work on the details of Partnership. Mr. Sukhjinder Singh randhawa, President of RIN, formally signed the agreement in Canada in Aug 2008.

Instructor from UBC(O) School of nursing, Canada, visit Royal Institute of Nursing campus in India twice a year. First Visit of the session is in the fall and second visit is in the spring every year by minimum of two highly experienced teachers.

Last year Ms. Judy McAulum and Ms. Jeannette Vinek from Canada worked with the staff and students of RIN and organized a very successful health fair at village Jaito Sarja. As a part of their GNM training, the students accompanied by their Canadian teachers went to the houses of the people to do health survey and identify health problems related to specific areas.

UBC(O) and RIN have an ongoing commitment towards imparting par excellence education.

As a part of this commitment, our students will visit Canada for an exchange program ofr further learning.

About Us

Royal Institute of Nursing is managed by Global Education and charitable Trust. The Trust was registered in the State of Punjab in Feb 2007 by some highly qualified, experienced and dedicated people to enhance the accessibility and affordability of quality international education to young women and men in rural areas and to promote nursing profession.

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GECT is a non-profit organization that serves the community by providing a standard of education that meets and exceeds national standards. Keeping in view the global shortage of nurses, Royal Institute Nursing [RIN] was established in 2007 at Jaito Sarja. The Institute provides opportunity not only to females but also encourages male nursing as per international demand. RIN has No Objection Certificate from Punjab Government, approvals from Punjab Nursing Registration Council and Indian Nursing Council. Royal Institute of Nursing RIN is a nation’s leading school of Nursing. It is a stepping-stone to a successful career in nursing in India as well as outside India. We are uniquely positioned to engage in productive interdisciplinary collaboration and partnership for both students and faculty. The school’s long term goals in nursing are to work in industrial health field, to work for international health organization, to work for under-privileged, special needs geriatric & paediatrics, maternity & Child health, special needs, rehabilitation, physically & mentally challenged People.

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